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What will happen to the Black Ravens in Carnival Row?

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Carnival Row Season 2 has opened with a bang and a lot of deaths. The Black Ravens lost some of their own. What will happen to the group?

Caution: There are major spoilers from the first two episodes of Carnival Row Season 2 in this post.

The Black Ravens have suffered a major blow. After making a point to the humans about what the illnesses the fae are facing in The Row, they lost three of their own. They knew Oona was likely not to make it out alive, but the biggest blow was losing Dahlia, the leader of the Black Raven.

Now they are angry, but they are leaderless. What is going to happen next?

Will Vignette take over in Carnival Row?

There is one likely way that this is all going to play out. The best thing would be for Vignette to take over as the leader. Dahlia’s comments to Vignette did sort of foreshadow this, after all. Dahlia felt threatened by Vignette’s popularity.

Vignette wants to do the best thing for her people. She wants to help get them out of The Row overall, but she especially wants to make sure they have everything they need while they’re stuck there. She’s willing to put her own life on the line with ideas that are on the good side. Showing the humans what is becoming of the fae may have helped gain some sort of sympathy. It certainly brought attention to the problem so the humans can’t just forget about it.

This is just the start for Black Raven. It’s time for a revolution.

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