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What will happen to Harry on Resident Alien?

Time is close to being up for Harry on Resident Alien. What is he going to do next? Is there any hope for him?

Caution: There are spoilers in this post from Resident Alien Season 1, Episode 6.

Harry has ended up in the hands of the military. Just as he found the last piece of his ship and got everything put together, he headed out to where he’d left his ship. However, the military had got there first.

Of course, the military knew that the alien would need to return to the ship eventually. Why not leave people out there waiting for the alien to show up. And the alien has shown up, but they don’t realize it yet.

At the moment, they just think Harry is some human individual in the wrong place. Or maybe they think he knows who the alien really is. They’ve captured him, but how long will he last before he gives away that he’s the alien in human disguise.

Will anyone come looking for Harry on Resident Alien?

There isn’t much left for Harry in the town of Patience. A new town doctor has arrived and people are getting ready to say goodbye to him—some more fondly than others. Harry’s wife is excited that they can go back to New York, but Harry spent the whole episode drugging her.

She’ll probably figure out that she’s been drugged considering he put the prescription of sleeping pills in a drawer in the kitchen. Even though she’ll initially want to find Harry, she’ll be put off because of what he’s done to her. Or, at least, she should be!

Asta may be a little worried, but she may think Harry has just left without saying anything. That would be a Harry thing to do, right?

So, there’s a chance absolutely nobody is going to come looking for Harry.

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Could Harry turn the attention on the new town doctor?

Harry doesn’t want to give away that he’s an alien. That means he’ll want to talk but not too much. The idea will be to pass the blame onto another person.

This could be where the new town doctor comes in. Harry is jealous on Resident Alien, so what better way to handle the situation than getting the military to kidnap the new doctor? The new doctor has nobody in town so it wouldn’t raise too much suspicion. Maybe the doctor just decided not to take the job and ran away.

Or Harry could just end up giving the game away and the military finds out he’s the alien.

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What do you think Harry will do next on Resident Alien? What do you hope to see on the next episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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