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What happened to Dr. Lim in The Good Doctor?

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At the end of Season 5, Lim’s life was on the line. Shaun saved her in The Good Doctor Season 6, but it wasn’t without consequences.

We were left all summer wondering if Dr. Lim would make it out of her current situation alive. She’d been stabbed multiple times, and nobody had heard her calls for help. Fortunately, she was saved during the sixth season premiere, and it was Shaun who performed the surgery to save her life.

That surgery wasn’t without its complications. What has happened to Dr. Lim on The Good Doctor*?

Lim is paralyzed in The Good Doctor

Due to complications in the surgery, Lim woke up paralyzed. At first, she didn’t want it to change her. She thanked Shaun for saving her life and then tried to get on with everything. She refused to allow this to stop her from performing surgeries.

That was until the M&M. As she went through the process to find out what had happened to her, she got angry. Things could have been different. There was a chance she could have kept the use of her legs. And it turns out Glassman believes that too. He wouldn’t have done the same surgery as Shaun, and he believes that would have saved her life and legs.

Of course, nobody can guarantee this. Lim is understandably angry, but she is angry at the wrong person. Had she not been attacked, this wouldn’t have happened, so her anger should be directed toward that person. That’s not the way emotions and grief work, though. She needs someone in her life to blame, and that’s Shaun right now.

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