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What happened to Nina in the FBI crossover?

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The FBI crossover on Tuesday, April 4 put the life of an agent on the line. What happened to Nina Chase during the case?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers for the FBI crossover event from Tuesday, April 4.

We know crossover events are big. The first crossover for this universe made it clear that lives would be put on the line. It’s how Kellan Lutz’s Crosby was written out—he needed to return to his parents to recover from his shooting.

When Nina was shot thanks to no Italian backup after Jubal angered the Italian authorities, we feared the worse. So did Scola once hear learned the truth.

Did Nina die in the FBI crossover?

While there were no signs of Shantel VanSanten permanently leaving the series* up to this episode, we did fear the worst. After all, this lose would be doubly hard for Scola. He would lose his unborn baby as well as the woman he loved.

There was some good news at the end of the three-part episode. Nina survived, and it turns out she could feel the baby kicking so it sounds like he’ll be okay too. Of course, they’re not completely out of the woods with the baby, but we’re hoping for something good.

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The FBIs* air Tuesdays on CBS in the U.S. and on Global TV in Canada.