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When will the Hawkeye series premiere be on Disney Plus?

Disney has set the date for another Marvel TV series. The Hawkeye series premiere will be in November 2021. Here are all the details.

We still have a wait on our hands, but Hawkeye is coming soon to Disney Plus. It will arrive before the end of the year, with the show airing Wednesdays. Disney Plus has opted to keep releases to Wednesdays after the success of Loki, although we’re still questioning whether it was the release day or the show that made that series premiere so popular.

Hawkeye will premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 24, according to TVLine. It will air weekly from there just like all other Disney Plus releases.

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What is Hawkeye about?

The mid-credits scene from Black Widow gave us a hint of what the new series could be about. For those who haven’t seen the movie yet or the mid-credit scene, we won’t spoil it too much. However, it does put the blame of something on Clint Barton.

You’ll probably want to catch up on the movie before you watch the series!

In the show, Clint will meet a young woman called Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld. She’s a young archer and a big fan of the Avengers’ archer. Both charismatic and annoying, she’ll quickly become a young protege for Clint, which also leads to plenty of problems coming their way.

The Marvel shows have been a way to continue the MCU and get everyone ready for the Phase 4 movies. Some shows are limited series, while others have been renewed for second seasons. It’s not clear which way this one will go.

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Hawkeye will premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 24 on Disney Plus.