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Is Hawkimi still together in Chicago Fire Season 11?

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Chicago Fire is back, and we’re getting answers to our burning questions. All summer we wondered what would be in store for Hawkimi. Are they still together?

Things didn’t look great for Violet and Hawkins shippers at the end of Chicago Fire Season 10. After announcing his relationship with her to his boss, it looked like Violet was having second thoughts. She ignored a voicemail from him while at the wedding.

Of course, that could have been just because Violet wanted to focus on the wedding festivities. It’s in Chicago Fire Season 11 that we learn what happened. After initially dealing with the Stellaride honeymoon situation, we get a time jump. It’s only a few months, but we learn Violet hasn’t spoken to Hawkins since he left the voicemail.

Does Violet break up with Hawkins in Chicago Fire?

Is that it for the two of them? It seems like it at first. Gallow is the one to save the relationship, though. When he learns Hawkins is being transferred, he tells Violet. She tries calling Hawkins, but that call goes to voicemail. She thinks that he’s ignoring her when really, he’s stuck in meetings.

So, Violet heads over to see Hawkins. She wants to tell him how she feels, and she finds out that he stopped calling thinking that she had broken up with him. The poor guy looked devastated at the idea of being ghosted and was so confused when she turned up at his place.

With a few sweet words, the two are back together. Hawkins is still being transferred, but that allows them both to be together in the open. It’s actually a good thing.

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Chicago Fire* Season 11 airs Wednesdays on Hulu.