Is HBO Max back on Amazon Channels in 2023?

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When HBO Max first came out, it didn’t go to Amazon Channels. Then HBO Now was removed. What’s the case for the streamer now?

There was certainly some disappointment when HBO Max first came out. The U.S. streaming platform didn’t head to Amazon Channels. It even took a while for it to head as an app to Amazon Fire devices. The latter changed, but WarnerMedia decided not to remove HBO Now from Amazon Channels instead of putting Max on it.

That all seems to have changed. It’s not surprising with the complaints about the streaming platform’s delays and user interface. It’s also not surprising considering it looks like streaming numbers went down—although I think that was the case for most streaming platforms during 2021 and 2022. Just look at Netflix!

While looking at The Last of Us this week, we found that Max was an Amazon Channels subscription. Is that true? When did this change?

When did HBO Max join Amazon Channels?

It is true. It turns out that Variety announced back in December that the streamer would be part of the Amazon Channels lineup. It doesn’t change the cost of the subscription, but you can now keep everything back in one place again.

The decision isn’t that surprising when you consider Warner Brothers and Discovery have merged. discovery+ is available to stream via Amazon Channels, and of course, the Discovery boss is going to want to make Max available, too. Plus, there is the intention to merge the two streaming platforms in the future, similar to Paramount+ and SHOWTIME merging.

The merge for HBO and discovery+ is set to happen this spring, although the exact date is still to be confirmed. Those who get the streamers via Amazon Channels will automatically move to the newly merged streamer, which is expected to be called Max.

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What do you think of the streamer now being on Amazon Channels? Which show will you watch first? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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