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Will HBO Max save Walker Independence?

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We are certainly interested in seeing more of Walker Independence. Will HBO Max step in to save the show from cancellation?

We have seen shows get saved before. That’s not the case for CW shows, but we have seen other network shows get saved. Even SYFY shows have been saved. We know Walker Independence is being shopped around after being canceled, so now we’re looking at which streamer could save it.

After all, it’s most likely to be a streamer that saves the show. Could it be HBO Max?

Will Walker Independence be saved by HBO Max?

It makes a lot of sense for HBO Max to save the show. The show is currently streaming on HBO Max. Why move the show if it doesn’t need to be?

Unlike fellow canceled freshman The Winchesters, this isn’t a Warner Bros. show, though. If HBO Max has to pay too much for the first season and to then license it after, it could end up being cost-prohibitive. However, it is already there and willing to pay something.

Another thing working against HBO Max is that it’s not an international streamer just yet. It has to put out content on other platforms around the world, so it doesn’t benefit as much from international views. This is where some other streamers can benefit, so we could see HBO Max turn it down rather quickly.

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Walker Independence* is available to stream on HBO Max in the U.S. and on Stack TV in Canada.