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Who is the Hollywood cameo in The Boys Season 3?

The Boys Season 3 brought us a surprise Hollywood cameo. Who was it, and who does the actress play in the series?

Prime Video dropped the first three episodes of The Boys Season 3, and it doesn’t disappoint. We immediately got a Hollywood cameo that makes it clear the series and a certain actress is having a lot of fun with work at the moment.

The cameo comes in the footage for Dawn of the 7, the fake movie the Supes are bringing in the world of The Boys. This was supposed to be about how the seven Supes that form The Seven got together, but things for the movie had to change when a certain Supe’s true intentions came out.

Charlize Theron gets a cameo in The Boys Season 3

That Supe was Stormfront. During the second season, we find out that she’s a Nazi, and she is forcing some changes everyone hates to The Seven. Fortunately, the truth comes out, but that does mean a small rewrite for the in-show movie Dawn of the 7.

At first, the movie was set to have its own villain. Then it turns out that Stormfront is the true villain. With the show’s Stormfront now just a body due to the events of the Season 2 finale, Vought International needs to bring a new actress to play the role in the movie. That actress?

Charlize Theron gets a cameo in The Boys Season 3. She plays the villainous Supe with some fun dialogue.

It turns out the Fourth Reich will always have Stormfront’s soul. She wants Homelander to join her, but Homelander leads the Seven to destroy her.

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What did you think of the surprise cameo? What do you hope to see in The Boys Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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