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When will House of the Dragon premiere on HBO?

HBO has set its premiere date for the Game of Thrones prequel spin-off House of the Dragon. How long do we need to wait?

We’ve been waiting for news about a few shows for some time now. One of those is House of the Dragon, the highly anticipated prequel series to Game of Thrones.

Set 200 years before the events of the original series, House of the Dragon will follow the Targaryen dynasty. It’s all about the highs and lows, and those who would attempt to overthrow the family. Of course, there are also plenty of dragons.

House of the Dragon premiere date

HBO told us that the series would arrive sometime in 2022. We knew that probably meant late summer or early fall. Then rumors started circulating thanks to some management releases and slips of the tongue by Matt Smith that the show would arrive in August 2022.

Well, it turns out that month was correct. The series will premiere on Sunday, Aug. 21, according to Deadline. It will air on both HBO and HBO Max, so you have a choice of the app.

This will get a weekly release. There was never a reason to believe otherwise. While some HBO Max shows have received a hybrid release, most of them and most from HBO have come out weekly. It’s the best way to encourage long-term engagement around a series to make sure all those involved in the making of the series are appreciated fully.

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House of the Dragon is coming to HBO and HBO Max in the U.S. It will be on Crave in Canada.