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How is Abigail related to Cordell in Walker Independence?

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Is Abigail a Walker by blood or marriage? That was a big question, and Walker Independence quickly answered the question.

As soon as we learned a Walker* prequel was happening, we had one question. How would Abigail be related to the Walkers? Was she a Walker by blood or marriage? It wouldn’t affect anything for Cordell and all her future generations, but it was something we were curious about.

Well, it turns out she’s neither. The Walker Independence series premiere brought us the answer to how Abigail gets the Walker name.

Abigail chooses the name in Walker Independence

At the start of the episode, we learn that Abigail isn’t a Walker at all. She’s a Collins. Her husband is Liam Collins.

After Liam is killed, Abby is left wandering the plains alone. She would have died had it not been for an Apache tribesman finding her. His elders healed her, and it turns out he’d given her the name Walks in Tall Grass.

When Abby realizes that her husband’s murderer is in Independence—and is the new sheriff!—she realizes that she has to protect herself. It finally comes to her needing to give over her identity, and she refuses to say the name Collins.

She is Abigail Walker.

It turns out she created the family name, and it all comes from “Walks in Tall Grass.” It just seems so perfect for a show set in a city where everyone reinvents themselves. Oh, and Hoyt calling the horse Cordell was perfect!

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