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How many episodes are in Last Light on Peacock?

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Last Light is coming to Peacock this week, and you’ll want to check it out right away. How many episodes will be in the series?

Matthew Fox makes his return to TV with Last Light on Peacock. The limited series is going to drop as a binge-watch release on Peacock, which isn’t normal for the streaming platform.

With a binge-watch release, you need to know how many episodes there are. After all, you want to make sure there is enough time in the day to watch it all. It’s also important to get an idea as to whether there will be enough time to tell the full story.

Last Light on Peacock episode count

There are five episodes to Last Light. Each of the episodes are around 40 to 45 minutes long, coming in at around the same length of time as network TV. Just remember that network TV has the commercials to make the episodes last an hour.

Is this enough time to tell the full story? I think so after watching all. I didn’t feel like anything major was missing.

One note I will make is that the show doesn’t follow the book storyline*. From the very beginning, it’s clear that there are major changes to this story. So, if you’re worried about five episodes being enough time to fit in everything from the book, there’s no need to!

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Last Light is on Peacock on Thursday, Sept. 8.