How many episodes are in Law & Order Season 23?

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Law & Order Season 23 is officially happening. Just how many episodes will be in the new season of the revival?

NBC brought us some great news. All six of the current Dick Wolf shows have been renewed. That means Law & Order is getting a 23rd season. And we’re not complaining about more of this revival.

Now eyes are on the number of episodes the shows will get. At the time of renewal, we found out that Law & Order: Organized Crime would only have 13 episodes in Season 4. All the other shows were supposed to get full seasons. Things have changed since then, though.

Law & Order Season 23 episode count

A usual season is around 22 episodes. There are times that episode counts are shortened, usually due to filming problems. Just look at how all shows ended up with reduced episode counts the first couple of years of the pandemic. Then there are shows that get shorter episode counts because they are midseason shows. This revival only had 10 episodes to start because it was a midseason show.

According to Deadline, NBC is looking to cut some costs. One of the ways to do that is to shorten the episode counts. We’ll only see between 18 and 20 episodes in Law & Order Season 23.

On top of that, actors won’t appear in all episodes. We’ll see some missing for periods of time. While the actors won’t take a pay cut per episode, they will end up losing some compensation as they won’t be in all episodes. It will lead to questions about where characters are, but they’ll pop up again in future episodes.

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Law & Order airs on Thursdays on NBC in the U.S. and on CityTV in Canada.