How many episodes will be in Manifest Season 4, Part 2?

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The final episodes of Manifest Season 4 have a release date. Just how many episodes will drop on Netflix at once?

Manifest is one of those shows that’s all about dates. It wasn’t surprising to get news on April 7 that the final episodes would drop on June 2. Both of these dates are huge in the world of the series, and the decision to make announcements or bring releases on these dates is perfect for fans of the show.

Now fans just want to know how it will all end. That means knowing just how many episodes are left in the series.

Manifest Season 4, Part 2 episode count

We’ve known the episode count for some time now. When Netflix saved the series back in 2021, it was with the confirmation that there would be 20 episodes. It was one final season that would be split in two parts.

The first 10 episodes dropped in November 2022. That leaves just 10 more episodes to tell the story. All 10 episodes will drop on Friday, June 2.

There are a lot of questions going into this final part of the story. We need to know if the passengers can come together to avoid their Death Date, and we need to know what’s to come after Zeke sacrificed himself (again!) to save Cal (again!). We need to know how it’s all connected. Answers are coming soon.

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What questions do you have for the final part of the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Manifest* Season 4, Part 2 will arrive on Friday, June 2 on Netflix.