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How many episodes are in Poker Face on Peacock?

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Poker Face is a new series on Peacock with the first four episodes now out. How many episodes will there be in this new series?

Natasha Lyonne has a new series. She’s been one of two constants throughout the series so far. The other is a villain after her due to the events of the very first episode.

In each episode, Lyonne’s Charlie solves murders. We already know who actually killed the victims. We follow Charlie as she puts everything together, using her skills to tell if people are lying to her or not. The first four episodes are currently available to stream, but there are more to come. How many more?

Poker Face episode count

This is a standard streaming series. There are 10 episodes to the story.

I know this is disappointing to those who love the broadcast system of 22 episodes, but 10 episodes is great for a streaming service. It helps to keep the cost for a show down, and we only have to wait a year instead of longer between seasons. After all, all episodes need to be ready at once for a streaming series.

The first four episodes are now available to stream on Peacock. Poker Face will now air weekly, with the finale airing on Thursday, March 9. We’ll then need to wait to see if Peacock decides to renew the show or not. We certainly hope there’s a renewal!

Each episode is a standalone case. You can watch them out of order if you want. However, keep in mind that there is constantly a threat to Charlie as she runs from the bad guy in the first episode.

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Poker Face is streaming on Peacock.