How many episodes are in The Winchesters Season 1?

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The CW finally brought us the Supernatural prequel we’d been waiting for. It is all about The Winchesters. How many episodes will it have?

While there are changes to the canon, there is time to fix it. The Winchesters is here though, and in terms of The CW’s usual standards, it’s performing well. As usual, the first season was handed out a 13-episode order, but there was always hope that it would gain a backorder.

The CW has made a decision about the length of the first season now. Will it get a full season? Is there a chance the Supernatural prequel will be cancelled?

The Winchesters episode count

There is some bad news for those who want more. The CW has decided not to give the new series a backorder. Walker Independence is getting any extra episodes, either. That means the series will only have 13 episodes in the first season.

This isn’t because the show isn’t performing well. TVLine reports that it’s a change in the way the network is doing things with the Nexstar takeover. This doesn’t mean we won’t get a second season.

It’s hard to say what the network is planning on doing right now. We have hope that the show will end up being renewed as the network will want to keep some older shows running while making changes to make the network profitable.

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The Winchesters* airs on Tuesdays on The CW in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi in Canada.