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How many episodes are in Wolf Like Me Season 2?

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Are you ready for Wolf Like Me Season 2? The series arrives in the fall, but how many episodes will there be in this season?

With Wolf Like Me Season 2 just around the corner, there’s no doubt that you’re getting ready for it. We won’t get much in the way of scripted content on broadcast networks, so it is all about the streaming shows.

Mary and Gary are trying to make their unconventional relationship work. Gary is worried about Emma’s safety, but there is another concern now. It’s all about his and Mary’s unborn baby…or pup, whatever it will end up being.

There are other secrets still to come out, too. Will Mary and Gary make it through the season still together, or will they end up splitting up and co-parenting their were-cub? We’ll need to wait for the season to find out. How many episodes are in this season to tell the story?

Wolf Like Me Season 2 episode count

There are seven episodes to this season. All episodes are 30 minutes long, so it is going to be a quick binge-watch.

The good news is that the episodes will be released all at once. You’ll get to watch all seven back to back on Thursday, Oct. 19. You can take the weekend if you need it, but the best way to show the streamer that you want more is by binge-watching the episodes as soon as possible. Otherwise, there’s a chance of cancellation, especially with the current strike action.

The season will take up three and a half hours of your time. That’s not too much to take out of your Thursday night, right? It’s just a little more than if you watched a full night of TGIT on ABC.

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Wolf Like Me Season 2 is coming to Peacock on Thursday, Oct. 19.