How is Meredith leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

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It looks like Grey’s Anatomy has given us the storyline that sees Meredith leave Seattle. How is it going to happen, and when?

Meredith found out that her daughter, Zola, is gifted. This has led to Zola getting a lot of panic attacks, and Meredith has been on a search for a school that will help. It turns out that the school may coincide with the next illness Meredith wants to cure.

During Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, Episode 5, Meredith headed to Boston. It was to give Zola a chance to see a new school, while she talked to Jackson about her options. Meredith wants to cure Alzheimer’s and it turns out that Jackson wants to give her that chance to do it.

Is Meredith moving to Boston in Grey’s Anatomy?

We knew Meredith wouldn’t be in the full season. Ellen Pompeo is taking a step back, with confirmation that she’ll be in eight episodes of the season. One of those episodes is the Season 19 finale, so we have seven episodes to start with.

Now we have the reason why. Of course, there are two episodes still to go and something else could happen, but it would be a ridiculous story to change things now. The option available at the moment shows Meredith as an amazing mom, putting her daughter’s needs first.

It turns out they’ve been on a drive all around the country looking for the perfect school. Zola doesn’t really want to leave Seattle, but she admitted that this wasn’t because she doesn’t want to leave friends behind. She’s scared that Meredith will move them to Boston only for Zola to still have panic attacks. Meredith doesn’t think that will happen when Zola is surrounded by students just like her, and trusting her mom, Zola admitted that she really liked the school.

Meredith was certainly happy, and she sent a quick text to Jackson. She’s “in.” That is, she is ready to work on a cure for Alzheimer’s with him.

So, she’s moving to Boston. It looks like that won’t happen until the midseason premiere next year as Episode 6 is the crossover fall finale event.

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