How to stream Good Omens Season 2 online

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The second season of Good Omens is finally here. Where do you need to go to watch it? Is Good Omens Season 2 on Netflix? Amazon? Elsewhere?

It’s the season we’ve patiently waited for. At first, we didn’t think we’d ever see Good Omens Season 2. After all, the show was billed as a limited series. Then the second season was announced and filming quickly got underway.

The wait since filming wrapped has been a long one. That’s simply because this show takes so long in the post-production stage. But the good news is the wait is over. Now you just need to know where you’re going to watch the show.

Where to stream Good Omens Season 2 online

The second season is available to stream on Amazon’s Prime Video* platform. This is the only place to watch the show.

All episodes of the second season have dropped at once.

Is Good Omens on Digital?

Don’t expect to see the show on Digital. The first season was not released to buy on Digital. This is due to it being an Amazon Original Series. There is no way that Amazon would want to release the show in a way that can be watched online without a Prime Video subscription. That’s going to be the case for the second season.

Will Season 2 come to DVD and Blu-ray?

We may see it released on physical disc, though. The first season did get a DVD and Blu-ray release. This is likely linked to the UK contracts as we see a lot of UK-produced films head to DVD even when they’re on a streaming platform. The benefit is that those watching on DVD will still need a way to watch online, so they will still keep the streaming subscription to watch.

We’re not expecting the DVD release until the end of the year at the earliest.

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Good Omens Season 2* is only available to stream on Prime Video.