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Hunters Season 1 ending explained: Who was The Colonel?

Hunters Season 1 delivered a few twists and turns at the end. One of those was delivering the identity of The Colonel. Who exactly was she?

Caution: There are spoilers about the end of Hunters Season 1.

There were plenty of twists and turns throughout Hunters Season 1, and the ending didn’t disappoint. We got Meyer Offerman’s secrets, saw The American deal with life in prison, and more. The biggest twist came at the end when Joe was abducted.

With everyone believing that Joe had just up and left, we found out that he’d been taken to Argentina. It shouldn’t surprise you that there were Nazis down here. We know that many Nazi war criminals fled to Argentina after World War II. What you may not have expected was to find out that in the series Hilter also fled there.

Yep, Hitler didn’t kill himself. People think he did, but it was all a ruse. Hilter managed to get out and to Argentina, and he certainly wasn’t alone.

Who was The Colonel?

Throughout the season, we wondered who The Colonel was. While was got a few hints, it was only the very end that delivered the answers to the questions. After getting over the surprise that she managed to survive the crash into the lake, we saw her gather a group of Aryan children around Joe at a dinner table and called for Hitler to join them. There, he called her Eva.

Sure enough, The Colonel is Eva Braun, Hitler’s lover. It all now makes sense. The stories she told and the connection to the Fourth Reich. It’s no wonder she had hidden guns and tried to remain one step ahead of the enemy. She was used to living like this and believed in Hitler’s plan.

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What we can’t tell is whether Joe figured out who The Colonel was. Does he speak enough German to understand what Hitler said? Would he put everything together to figure out the identity of The Colonel? There are now plenty of questions just from that one moment at the end of the series, and now we need a second season to get the answers.

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