Will Hunters be renewed for a second season by Amazon?

Amazon brought us a Nazi-hunting drama with plenty of twists. It also left us with questions. Will Hunters be renewed for Season 2 to get the answers?

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that we have a lot of questions after Hunters Season 1. The finale left us with our Nazi hunters in different places in life, our FBI agent with a new proposition, and the reveal of who The Colonel is. Now we need answers, but will we get them? Will Amazon Prime renew Hunters for a second season?

There’s no doubt that we need that second season. And many of us were entertained by the first season and want more Nazi-hunting stories. After all, there’s one major Nazi still out there who needs to be taken down. What are the chances of Hunters being renewed or canceled?

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It’s hard to tell with streaming

Sadly, looking at whether a streaming show is going to be canceled or renewed is much harder than looking at broadcast. While the broadcast networks look carefully at the live TV ratings, the streaming services have their own information. They can see how many people binge-watch a series; those who watch from start to finish within the first weekend. They’re the ones considered the most and then those who watch within a week. After that, Amazon gets the idea that you’re just not interested in the show.

It’s clear that this is a series that Amazon wasn’t sure about. The Boys and Carnival Row were both renewed for second seasons ahead of the first season dropping. Jack Ryan was renewed for a third season straight after the first season (because it had already landed a second season). The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 renewal came ahead of the second season dropping. When Amazon knows you’ll like a show, it’s willing to offer early renewals. That hasn’t happened with our Nazi-hunting drama.

That doesn’t mean bad news. After all, Hanna didn’t get renewed until a month after the first season dropped. Undone Season 2 wasn’t picked up until after the first season aired. There’s a good chance we’ll still get a second season of Hunters.

Look out for a renewal in a month

If the series is going to be renewed, that will likely happen in a month’s time. This is when Amazon has enough data to decide if a second season is worth ordering. The streamer has details on the number of subscribers who watched the series, the number that watched through to the very end, and the number that dropped off partway through. This tells the streamer the likely number of people who will tune in for a second season.

We’re hoping for a second season. The series needs it. Now we need to see if others agree.

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What did you think of Hunters Season 1? What questions do you have for the second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Hunters is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video for free.