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I Am Not Okay With This ending explained: Why all the blood?

Netflix’s latest original delivers a short comedy with a bloody twist. Here’s a look at explaining the I Am Not Okay With This ending.

If you love End of the F***ing World, then the next Netflix Original you need to check out is I Am Not Okay With This. The seven-episode half-hour comedy is one that leads you on a journey of self-discovery, but there’s constantly one question from the very beginning. Why is our lead character, Sydney, running away from something/someone in a bloody dress? And why are there sounds of cop cars in the distance? We got our answers in the I Am Not Okay With This season finale, and here’s a breakdown of the events.

Sydney has special powers

One thing to know about the series is that this isn’t just a coming-of-age story. It’s not just about a young girl figuring out her sexuality while dealing with the loss of her father. It’s also an origin story. She has abilities, and those abilities shine through when she’s angry and out of control.

Those abilities are important for the ending. They’re also important when it comes to the connection to her father. He may or may not have had some very similar abilities, and those abilities may have been why he killed himself. We need I Am Not Okay With This Season 2 to help explain that.

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Who the blood belongs to

Up to the end of the season finale, we had no idea who the blood belonged to. Would it be her best friend? Her sort-of-boyfriend who learns her powerful secret? Someone else? And would she hurt someone intentionally?

During Homecoming, Dina’s ex-boyfriend, Brad, shows up with Sydney’s diary in hand. Brad is going to expose everything about Sydney, including her abilities. Of course, Brad doesn’t believe that Syndey has these powers, but that she’s making it all up. Since Sydney was the reason Dina eventually broke up with Brad, he wants to make Sydney’s life a living hell.

Scared of everyone finding out the truth and laughing at her, Sydney’s emotions get out of control. As Brad walks towards her with diary in hand, she panics and gets angry. We hear her telling Brad “shut up” in her head, knowing exactly what could happen. Well, suddenly, Brad’s head explodes. Everyone in close proximity is covered in Brad’s blood, including Sydney.

Of course, she panics with this happening and runs away from Homecoming. Leaving her friends behind, she tries to escape before the cops can catch her. Not that the cops would believe that she could have done this, but, well, she feels like they could. And she’s scared that her abilities are completely out of control.

The man in the shadows

Throughout the season, there was a man in the shadows. Syndey has felt his presence a few times, but it’s not until the very end that she comes face to face with him. Sydney has escaped to the top of a building when the man shows up. It sounds like he wants to help her or wants her to join something.

However, we don’t get to find out who this man is. That’s something for I Am Not Okay With This Season 2.

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