Will I Am Not Okay With This be renewed for a second season?

All eyes are on Netflix to see if I Am Not Okay With This will be canceled or renewed. Should the dramedy be renewed for a second season?

One thing that is always impossible to tell is whether Netflix will cancel or renew a series. I thought Daybreak was a sure renewal after the first season. I also thought the same about Everything Sucks. Both shows were unfairly canceled. So, what about I Am Not Okay With This?

Honestly, this is a show that needs a second season. Not only was it a great comedy, but it offered some excellent storylines for teens of today. Mixed in with Sydney finding out that she may or may not have powers, she also struggled with friends, her sexuality, and connecting to people. On top of all that, she was dealing with the grief of losing her dad.

It’s a powerful series when you look at the details. Those who adored End of the F***ing World are sure to love this series. I urge you to binge-watch this week if you haven’t already.

But if you have, you’ll want to know if there’s hope for a second season.

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Will Netflix cancel or renew I Am Not Okay with This for Season 2?

One of the downsides of Netflix is that we can’t do a dig into the ratings. Netflix doesn’t release all its data. Nielsen says it does, but I’m intrigued at how Nielsen knows that it has all the information it needs on the streaming service. After all, this isn’t just about U.S. viewership but global, and Nielsen doesn’t do global.

Anyway, it’s not as easy to guess a Netflix show compared to a broadcast show. That means we can’t say yes or no. After all, we’ve been wrong in the past.

Netflix’s model is vastly different to broadcast networks. The payment model for creating shows is different. That means there’s far more focus on looking at the number of people who watch a show from start to finish. There’s a lot of emphasis on those who binge-watch the first weekend the show is released.

We’ll likely find out within a month if Season 2 is happening. If we don’t find out in a month, it’s most likely canceled. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered from experience.

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What did you think of I Am Not Okay With This? What questions do you have after Season 1? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 is available to stream in full on Netflix.