Is [Spoiler] actually a leaper in the future in Quantum Leap?

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We’re getting more and more answers about why Ben leaped in Quantum Leap. Does someone on the project team have something to do with it?

If you’re not watching the Quantum Leap revival, you need to. This is a series that honors the original, but manages to fix some flaws and offers some answers along the way. For example, we now get an idea of what happens to the host minds while Sam (and not Ben) leaps into them.

Of course, with the revival, the question has been about why Ben suddenly decided to leap. It turns out that he found out Addison was going to die, and he couldn’t let that happen. So, instead of fixing a point in the past, he’s trying to prevent it from happening in the future.

We knew there was someone in the future who likely gave him the tools to do that. It turns out that it is likely someone in the programming team.

Is Ian a leaper in Quantum Leap?

We have heard Magic’s story of what it was like having Sam leap into him. During Episode 12, Magic finds Dottie, who had a similar experience. She shares a picture of the person she thinks leaped into her, and that picture looked an awful lot like Ian.

Mason Alexander Park’s character has been a great addition to the series. We get the technical knowledge that we need to further understand how leaping works and to see what Ben is doing. Should it really be that surprising then that he would end up leaping at some point?

The question is why he leaped to give Ben the information he needed to get to the fixed point? Why didn’t Ian go straight to stopping Addison’s death? That would suggest he is acting without authority or without too much support in the future to help him. We know something is going to happen to the project, but not what or when, but Ian leaping to Ben and not to save Addison could play a part in that.

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