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Will Iggy and Martin get back together in New Amsterdam?

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Things are not looking good for our favorite couples in New Amsterdam. Iggy and Martin are on a break, but will they get back together?

We’ve watched Iggy and Martin struggle to make their marriage work for a while. At the end of New Amsterdam Season 4, Iggy shared that it wasn’t his fault. It was Martin. For years, Martin has had a savior complex when it comes to Iggy, and this is something Iggy doesn’t like anymore.

When we catch up with the two of them in the Season 5 premiere, they’re no longer together. They’re co-parenting by keeping the kids in the house. Whoever’s contact time it is lives in the house and the other one leaves. Whether this is a trial separation or not isn’t all that clear.

Will Iggy and Martin get back together in New Amsterdam?

By the end of the premiere, Iggy realizes that he wants Martin back. He tries typing out a few texts, but in the end, he decides not to say anything. He just wants Martin to give the kids an extra kiss from him.

It’s clear the two need to talk, though. They love each other, but they can’t just fall back into old patterns. They’ll just end up right back where they are. So, what is going to happen here?

I get a feeling that we’ll see the two of them finally talk. I’d love to see them both go to couples counselling to get help for their marriage. With things that Iggy said to Martin and the way Iggy feels, some sort of couples therapy is essential if they want to make things work.

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What do you hope to see for Iggy and Martin? Can they make their marriage work? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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