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What happened to Ingilmundr in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die?

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When a new character tries to manipulate the king, you know he’s trouble. That was the case with Ingilmundr in The Last Kingdom movie.

We met Ingilmundr very early on in The Last Kingdom movie. He was with Aethelstan, who had become very religious as his father died. Well, it turns out there was more to their relationship. They were sexually involved, something that Uhtred saw but respectfully told nobody. It was none of his business until it was.

You see, it turned out that Ingilmundr was working with the Danes. He was a spy, pretending to be Christian to manipulate King Aethelstan and have him killed. Aethelstan was a huge threat to the various kings of the Scottish lands.

Did Ingilmundr die in The Last Kingdom movie?

Of course, Aethelstan didn’t want to admit that his lover had tricked him and was working against him. Eventually, he had to accept that, and the two met on the battlefield.

It looked like Aethelstan would kill Ingilmundr in battle, but he didn’t want that. After all, he learned that his lover was a Dane and still held Danish beliefs. Dying in battle is a good death and takes them to Valhalla.

Aethelstan had another idea at the end of The Last Kingdom movie. He executed Ingilmundr but made sure the man did not have a sword in his hand. This meant that he wouldn’t get the chance to go to Valhalla, in a similar way to Ragnar not going to Valhalla initially in The Last Kingdom Season 3*. Of course, Uhtred and Brida were willing to do whatever it took to get Ragnar into Valhalla. Nobody is doing that for Ingilmundr.

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