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Will All American Season 4 happen?

With the events in the All American Season 3 finale, all eyes are on whether there will be more. Is All American Season 4 happening?

Wow, what a finale! All American never fails to disappoint. Each episode is excellently written, and the finales always leave us wanting more. So, what about All American Season 4?

This is where we have a lot of great news. The teen football drama has been renewed. It was renewed back in February 2021. Just a couple of episodes into the season, The CW opted to renew almost all shows on its network. That included All American.

Now it’s all about when it’s coming to The CW. We have some great news about that, too!

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When will All American Season 4 premiere?

We don’t have to wait too long for the new season to premiere. The CW isn’t quite getting the fall schedule back to normal, but it’s a bit more normal than last year. The good news is we don’t want to wait until January!

The new season will arrive in October 2021. It’s a little later than normal, on Oct. 25, but it’s at least in October. The delay is due to the summer programming being pushed due to some of the delays to finale dates of fall shows thanks to the pandemic. There’s a good chance that things will be back to normal next season.

We’re looking at a 16-episode season. However, Season 3 was extended by three episodes. Could we see a full season this time around?

If you’re needing to catch up on Season 3, there’s great news in the U.S. The full season will be available on Tuesday, July 27 on Netflix.

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All American Season 4 will premiere on Monday, Oct. 25 at 8/7c on The CW.