Is April returning in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19?

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Jackson is making a return in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19. Will we also see April? Is Japril going to be in the new season?

Grey’s Anatomy fans around the world would love to see more Japril. At the end of Season 18, we learned that Jackson and April rekindled their romance after April moved to Boston with him despite them being separated. It turned out that things with April and Matthew didn’t work out.

Now we know that Jackson is making a one-episode return, we also want to know if that means Japril is coming back. TVLine had the details when sharing about Jesse Williams coming back to the series.

Japril isn’t back (yet) in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19

There is some bad news. While sharing that Jackson would return, the publication also shared that April wouldn’t. This isn’t a chance for Japril fans to see where the couple is now, but that doesn’t mean we won’t hear about it. There’s always a chance there will be a mention.

We do know that Catherine Fox is back. Debbie Allen was on the confirmed list of guest appearances in the article. This isn’t surprising with Allen routinely coming back to the series as a director even not as a guest star.

None of this means April won’t come back at all. There is plenty of time for the writers to bring us more Japril in the future.

The episode will see Meredith head to Boston to see Jackson. Is this her giving her resignation? She stepped in as interim chief when Bailey suddenly quit and Jackson asked (well, more like begged) her to stay. However, it’s clear that she wants to be with Nick, and maybe a move to Minnesota is the only option. It sounds like her job offer is still on the table should she want to take it.

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What do you hope to see with Jackson’s return in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19? What do you think about the lack of April? Share in the comments below.

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