Is Cobra Kai Season 5 happening at Netflix?

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We’ve had another exciting season of Cobra Kai that’s left us with a lot of questions. Will Cobra Kai Season 5 happen to bring us answers?

There is no doubt that we loved the fourth season of Cobra Kai. It didn’t end in the way many expected, finding a way to continue the rivalry between the dojos as well as many of the characters. However, new allies may need to form if everyone wants to right the wrongs from the season.

Will there be time to right any wrongs? For that to happen, we need to see a fifth season. Is that going to happen?

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Cobra Kai Season 5 is definitely happening

There is already some excellent news. Netflix has renewed the martial arts dramedy for another season. Cobra Kai Season 5 was confirmed ahead of the drop of the fourth season. That’s how great the first three seasons of the series were for Netflix.

What we don’t know is when the season will arrive on Netflix. With episodes being around the 30-40-minute mark, it takes a little less time to film them than compared to the likes of The Witcher and most other Netflix shows.

In fact, this is where there is even more exciting news. According to What’s on Netflix, filming of the fifth season is already complete. The show is now in post-production, and there is a chance we could see the new season in the summer or fall of 2022. This is something we’re certainly hoping for, and it will show Netflix that these early renewals are worth it.

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What did you think of Cobra Kai Season 4? What would you like to see in Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Cobra Kai Season 5 is happening. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the premiere date.