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Will Euphoria Season 3 be the last for the HBO series?

Euphoria Season 3 is officially happening. All eyes are on whether it is going to be the last of the HBO series or not.

We are more than ready for more Euphoria. This is one of those shows that just grips us each week. We learn more about some deeply hurt characters, looking at how hurt people hurt people. It’s not easy viewing, but it’s important viewing.

The third season was confirmed not too long ago. It was met with excitement, but it was also met with one important question. Will Euphoria Season 3 be the last? It’s not that we want it to end, but this is one of those stories that needs to be wrapped up and not just suddenly canceled.

Euphoria Season 3 could be the last

Casey Bloys, the Chief Content Officer for HBO, made it clear that the series does have a “relatively short shelf life.” According to a statement to TVLine, this is simply due to the ages of the actors. The characters are all supposed to be teenagers, but the actors are currently in their 20s. You can’t have 30-year-olds continually playing teenagers.

This is something that is brought up a lot about teen dramas. When you look at many of them, you see their timelines jump now and then. One Tree Hill and Riverdale both opted for a jump in the timelines. Buffy the Vampire Slayer found a way to make Buffy and her friends grow up quickly, making us forget that they were young 20-somethings.

This doesn’t mean Euphoria Season 3 is definitely the last, though. It’s going to be up to EP Sam Levison and lead star Zendaya. If creatively they can find a way to make it work, it sounds like HBO is more than willing to keep the show going.

Will Zendaya leave Euphoria?

Worried about the show continuing without its lead star? Don’t!

Rue is the center of the show. Sure, we’ve got to know the other characters, but this series wouldn’t be what it is without Rue. But Zendaya’s star is rising fast. Will she decide to leave?

well, she could. If she does leave, that will likely be the end of the series. It’s hard for Bloys to see the series without her in the lead.

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What do you think of Euphoria? Do you think Season 3 should be the end? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Euphoria ($) is available to stream on HBO Now and HBO max.