Is Good Girls Season 5 happening?

Good Girls is one of NBC’s best shows in terms of storytelling and showcasing brilliant women. Is there going to be more from the women? Will Good Girls Season 5 happen?

From the beginning of the series, Good Girls has proven to offer something exciting and different. Our leading ladies aren’t the “good guys” that we’re used to seeing. They’re everyday women who decide to commit a crime that is supposed to be easy to get away with. In the end, they’re way in over their heads.

Since then, we’ve watched the women get even deeper into the world of crime, gangs, and deals gone wrong. It feels like there are still plenty of more stories to tell, especially as we start to learn more about Rio. But will NBC offer the show a chance to continue telling stories?

In the past, we’d be on the side of Good Girls getting a renewal because of the Netflix deal. The series performs extremely well in streaming, even though it’s not the strongest when it comes to the linear performance. According to Deadline, the linear performance could be a problem this season as NBC focuses more on its linear viewership.

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Could Good Girls move to Netflix instead?

It’s worth remembering the great streaming performance though. This could be the way to save the series. It is possible that Netflix could save the series should NBC choose to cancel it.

In fact, this could be something NBC is working with Netflix on right now. The two could come to some sort of deal that would keep NBC involved but put the series on Netflix only. The question is whether the show will continue to perform well just on a streaming platform.

It’s certainly not the first time something like this has happened. Lifetime’s You moved to Netflix for the second season. It was an immediate move, with Netflix quickly stepping in at the time of the Lifetime cancellation.

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What do you think of Good Girls? Would you like to see a fifth season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Good Girls airs on Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.