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Is the Gossip Girl reboot canceled?

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The Gossip Girl reboot has been a fun ride. It’s touched on the original series well, with some modern updates. What is HBO Max doing with the series?

We seem to be getting a lot of bad news when it comes to HBO Max. The streamer is removing original content, and now we’re finding out another series has been canceled. The Gossip Girl reboot is canceled after two seasons, with the Thursday, Jan. 26 season finale now working as the series finale.

Considering the abrupt cancellation, there’s a chance we’ll have a lot of cliffhangers. Is there any hope in a network saving the show?

Will Gossip Girl move to another network?

When announcing the cancellation, showrunner Joshua Safran shared that he was currently shopping the series around. The fight isn’t over yet, but it will probably be a fight.

Safran made it clear that he wasn’t all that hopeful in the show being picked up by another network. The current climate has seen a lot of shows canceled and no movement elsewhere. That doesn’t mean this series can’t be another Lucifer or The Expanse.

Where would the best home be? We’d probably say Netflix. This was the streaming home for the OG series* for some time. It also has a strong YA base. However, Netflix has been struggling for a while with multiple cancellations, including the comedy series Uncoupled.

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What did you think of Gossip Girl? What questions do you hope are answered in the now season finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Gossip Girl is still available to stream on HBO Max in the U.S. and on Crave in Canada.