Is Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 going to be the last?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 will premiere at the end of September. The big question for many is whether it’s going to be the last of the series.

As for right now, a decision hasn’t been made. However, each season, there is always the debate over whether it will be the last for the ABC medical drama or not. This is a show that is getting toward the end of its run, but when will that be?

The network is sure to renew it. Grey’s Anatomy remains the top drama on ABC, so it’s not going to want to get rid of it. So, why is the future of the show up for debate? It all comes down to the star of the series.

Will Ellen Pompeo decide to leave after Grey’s Anatomy Season 18?

It’s all about Ellen Pompeo. The actress only signs deals for a year at a time, and each year, she has to reconsider whether she’s going to bring an end to her character or not.

The minute she leaves is the minute the show ends. There is no series without Meredith Grey. After all, there aren’t even any Greys left on the series without little sister Lexie! There is another half-sister out there with the Grey name, but we haven’t seen her since earlier in the series.

There aren’t that many original characters left on the show, either. Webber and Bailey remain the only two characters from the pilot episode!

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There are signs it will be the last

If we’re honest, there are some signs that Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 is going to be the last. There were also signs that Season 17 could be the last. The season spent the whole time on Meredith’s coma beach, bringing past past characters.

Season 18 is going to include Ellis Grey, with Kate Burton reprising the role. Ellis died in the early seasons of the series. How could she come back for multiple episodes this season unless there’s some sort of exit storyline being worked in?

However, Deadline recently shared that Peter Gallagher will have a recurring role on the show and will connect to Ellis’s storyline in some way. He knew Ellis back in the day and it’s possible that he’ll share stories with Meredith. This could lead to flashbacks for Ellis and Peter’s character, Dr. Alan Hamilton.

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Do you think Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 will be the last? Is it time for the medical drama to end? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 will premiere on Thursday, Sept. 30 at 9/8c on ABC.