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Is John Boyd leaving FBI? (Is Scola leaving the team?)

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Scola had a big career decision to make in the latest episode of FBI Season 5. Is he leaving the team? Is John Boyd leaving the show?

During the three-way crossover event, Scola received some terrifying news. Well, at first, Jubal and Isobel decided not to tell him, but he eventually found out that Nina had been shot while on the case. Fortunately, both Nina and their unborn baby were safe, but it has led to Scola having some second thoughts about his time with the team.

With everything going on and dealing with the trauma of almost losing Nina, he considered whether he should transfer to the white-crime division that Nina currently works with. Does this mean we’re losing Scola from the series?

Is Scola leaving FBI?

The panic is over. John Boyd’s character made a decision by the end of the new episode. He is not going to leave the team.

At least, not just yet. We’ll get to see John Boyd in more episodes this season. It was just one of those storylines that has us concerned about a team member for a while. We need this now and again.

There is still a lot to come for the character in the coming episodes and the next season. Scola wants to be a father to his unborn son, and it looks like based on an interview ith CinemaBlend, we may get to see some of that.

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