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Is Last Light a binge-watch or a weekly release?

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Last Light on Peacock marks Matthew Fox’s return to TV in 12 years. You won’t want to miss it, but how is the show going to be released?

We are all certainly excited to see Matthew Fox back on our screens. He plays Andy Yeats in the series, a father, husband, and petro-chemist who is called out to the Middle East to help with a problem involving oil. Something is going on leading to oil not working the way it should.

The world is shutting down, and now Andy needs to get back to his family. His wife, Elena (Joanne Froggatt), and son, Sam are in Paris, while his daughter Laura is back in London. All four need to find a way to get back to each other before it’s too late.

Last Light release schedule

The show is coming to Peacock, but it’s not all that easy now to tell if a streaming show will be a binge-watch or not. What is the plan for Last Light*?

There are five episodes to this limited series. All five will be released on the same day, Thursday, Sept. 8. Yes, Last Light is a binge-watch release. It’s not that common for Peacock to release content in this way.

While it is billed as a limited series, there is always the opportunity to expand. This is going to depend on the uptake from the audience and whether there is a story to develop. We’ll also need to see some of the actors from the first season return, and some may have been happy that it was a limited series.

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Last Light is coming to Peacock on Thursday, Sept. 8.