Is Locke and Key Season 3 happening at Netflix?

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Locke and Key Season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix. Will there be more to the story? Is Season 3 going to happen?

We start with the good news that 10 more episodes of Locke and Key are available to stream. The second season dropped on Friday, Oct. 22, and there’s no doubt that you’ve spent the weekend binge-watching it.

With the way things ended, you’ll need more. There are some major cliffhangers and a lot of questions, but the question is whether there’s going to be another season or not. Will Locke and Key Season 3 happen at Netflix?

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Locke and Key Season 3 is definitely happening

There is even more good news about the series. A third season is coming to Netflix. The show was renewed well ahead of the second season getting a release date, allowing for work to start on it immediately. In fact, the renewal came ahead of Season 2 filming finishing, which allowed work to get started soon after filming wrapping.

Even better news is that the third season has finished filming already. Filming wrapped in September, which means the show is now into the post-production stage. It gives us an idea of when the season will arrive on Netflix.

We’re looking at March or April 2022 as a release date. This will certainly make up for the long wait for the second season. There’s no need for Netflix to wait until October 2022 to release it in time for Halloween. After all, the first season arrived in February!

Now it’s just a waiting game for a confirmed release date. But at least we know it’s coming.

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What did you think of the second season? What do you hope to see in Locke and Key Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Locke and Key is available to stream on Netflix.