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Is Loki Season 2 happening?

Loki is the third MCU series on Disney Plus. The other two haven’t been renewed yet, but what about this one? Is Loki Season 2 happening?

WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier have already aired in full on Disney Plus. While there is clearly more to the story, neither of the shows have been renewed. They’re limited series, with the story left to continue in the form of movies. At least, that is clearly the plan for now.

What about the Tom Hiddleston-led series? Is it possible that Loki Season 2 could happen? This is a story that doesn’t quite fit into the main MCU, so a second season is necessary to continue that story. As the finale dropped on Disney Plus today, we got some excellent news about the series.

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Loki Season 2 is officially happening

Disney wasted no time to offer the good news about the future of the series. Loki Season 2 is happening. TVLine quickly reported the news without any spoilers for the way things ended in the finale. We’re not going to spoil anything here.

One thing that we will say is the renewal is welcome. The finale did end with a major cliffhanger.

It’s just that the show doesn’t fit into the MCU to continue the story. It’s all about a variation of Loki taken from Avengers: Endgame from when the Avengers went to the past rather than the current version of the character (who was killed by Thanos). This is a series that is best kept standalone through multiple seasons.

It’s not the only MCU series that will likely follow this pattern. While some will move into movies and then potentially back into shows, others are set up purely to be TV shows on the Disney Plus platform.

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Loki is available to stream on Disney Plus.