Will Lucifer Season 6 come to Netflix in 2021?

After binge-watching the final eight episodes of Lucifer Season 5, there’s no doubt you want more. Will Lucifer Season 6 arrive soon?

We start with some great news about Lucifer Season 6. Netflix has renewed the series. This show was going to end with Season 5 and then Netflix U-turned on the decision. Season 6 will be 10 episodes long and is definitely the final season.

The question for everyone is when Lucifer Season 6 is going to arrive. Could it come to Netflix in 2021?

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Lucifer Season 6 has finished filming

For the show to arrive soon, it would need filming to be close to being completed. This is where there’s more good news for all Lucifans. Lucifer Season 6 filming has finished.

The show is now going through the post-production stage. This can take a few months for a series like Lucifer. After all, there are a lot of VFX involved. That’s definitely going to be the case for the final season as more angels are likely to be involved.

It is possible that post-production could complete before the end of 2021. We could see the sixth season arrive before the year is out.

Netflix will need to look at its schedule. It won’t want too many of its big titles arriving at the same time, and we know the likes of The Witcher Season 2 and You Season 3 are coming at the end of 2021. It is possible Netflix will push the season to 2022.

It’s not common for Netflix to bring two seasons of the same show in the same year, but we’re getting that with Cobra Kai. So, let’s never say “never” when it comes to Lucifer.

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What did you think of Lucifer Season 5B? What would you like to see from Season 6? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lucifer is available to stream on Netflix.