Is Lucifer Season 6 happening?

You’ve binged your way through Lucifer Season 5B already. Now you need more. Will Lucifer Season 6 happen at Netflix?

We don’t usually hear about the fate of Netflix shows until about a month or two after a season drops. That is unless the show has been renewed for a final season.

And that’s what happened with Lucifer Season 5. It was originally going to be the final season, with 16 episodes to tell the ending of the tale. Then things changed.

Thanks to the noise from fans and Tom Ellis agreeing to a new contract, Lucifer Season 6 was back on the table. Is it going to happen?

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Lucifer Season 6 is the final FINAL season

Netflix u-turned on the decision to end the show with the fifth season. That’s great news considering how it ended. Although, to be fair, that ending was changed from the original series finale the writers had planned.

The series finale will now air at the end of Lucifer Season 6. This has been confirmed as the final season, and there’s no u-turn happening here.

The sixth season has been written and filmed. It’s currently going through post-production, which can take a few months for a show like this. After all, think about all those angel wings!

The great news is the show gets a chance to end with storylines wrapped up. And maybe there is hope for a happy ending for one particular character who didn’t make it to the end of Season 5. Souls can go from Hell to Heaven, so there is some hope!

With Lucifer as the new God, anything is possible, right?

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What did you think of Lucifer Season 5B? What do you hope to see on the final season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lucifer Seasons 1 to 5 are on Netflix. Lucifer Season 6 may arrive in 2021.