Is Lucifer Season 7 happening?

Lucifer Season 6 is now streaming on Netflix but it may not be enough for you. Will Lucifer Season 7 happen?

If you’re not too certain about how you feel about Lucifer Season 6, you’re not alone. It didn’t quite reach the bar set during the fifth season, and part of that will certainly be due to the back and forth over which season was going to be the last. I still believe that once Season 5 was set to be the last season, that’s the way Netflix should have kept it.

However, the sixth season happened, and now it’s available on Netflix. Of course, now come the questions over whether there’s going to be more. Was Season 6 really the last or will we see Lucifer Season 7 happen at Netflix?

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Lucifer Season 7 is not going to happen

As of right now, there are no plans for Lucifer Season 7. The sixth season was written as the final FINAL season. That’s it; we’ve said goodbye to the Devil and his Detective.

There were a lot of storylines wrapped during the final episodes. Dan managed to make it to Heaven, Rory found out why her father left before she was born, and Heaven got its new God. Lucifer had to return to Hell, becoming the savior of souls, while Chloe lived her life with her daughters and friends before dying and going back to Lucifer.

All in all, everyone’s stories were wrapped. The only real story would be to see Rory now that she knows the truth about her father. What will she do as a half-angel, half-human adult? But considering how little time we had to get to know her, is there really a need for a spin-off series with her?

We could see Chloe and Lucifer work together saving souls in Hell, but is there a need for that? Is there going to be a big storyline involving the two of them? Probably not.

It’s best just to leave it how it all ended.

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What did you think of the final season? Would you like Lucifer Season 7 to happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lucifer is available to stream on Netflix.