Is Maggie leaving FBI? (Will Missy Peregrym return to FBI?)

FBI Season 4, Episode 18 left us with a lot of questions about Maggie. Is Missy Peregrym leaving the series permanently?

There is no doubt that FBI fans are worried about the fate of an OG character right now. The last we left Maggie, she was in a hospital bed trying to recover from sarin gas poisoning. There’s a chance that she won’t make a full recovery, and OA is devastated at the turn of events.

Fans are also devastated. Is this it for the character? After all, FBI: Most Wanted wrote out Kellan Lutz’s character Crosby in a similar fashion after he needed to move to be with his parents after being shot. It’s a lengthy recovery for him.

Missy Peregrym is temporarily leaving FBI

There is some good news for fans of the series. Missy Peregrym is not being written out of the show on a permanent basis. However, she will not be in the rest of the fourth season. Shantel VanSanten is stepping back in as Nina Chase to help the team.

Maggie’s exit has been written in because of Peregrym’s pregnancy. As fans will remember, she was written out temporarily at the end of Season 3 through an undercover op because of Peregrym’s maternity leave. Maggie returned at the start of Season 4. Now she’s being written out in a slightly different way.

As for right now, though, we don’t have a confirmed fifth season. It seems odd considering the show is the most popular drama on the network. What is everyone waiting for? Once it is confirmed, we know that Peregrym will return.

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What did you tink of the way Maggie was written out temporarily? What would you like to see for Maggie’s return in FBI Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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