Is Manifest Season 4 happening?

Enjoying the newest twists and turns into the answers behind Flight 828? Will we get to see more? Is Manifest Season 4 happening at NBC?

There’s a little bit of bad news right now. Manifest Season 4 hasn’t been confirmed. The good news, though, is that NBC hasn’t yet canceled the show.

Update June 15, 2021: NBC has canceled Manifest but we’re hoping Netflix will save it.

To be honest, the show is just six episodes into its new season, and it’s only at that point because NBC opted for a two-hour episode on April 29. We’re not even at the halfway mark of the season, so there is still time for the network to make a decision about the show.

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Will NBC renew Manifest Season 4?

What are the chances of a new season happening? Things are looking good at the moment, but it is still early days. The show has seen a dip in the live ratings between Seasons 2 and 3, but that’s nothing to be too concerned about. According to TV Series Finale, the drop is relatively average.

There are some understandable reasons for the dip, too. Not only do dips happen between seasons anyway, but the show has premiered in the spring during a pandemic year, when many TV shows have struggled in the live ratings. What will be interesting is to see what the delayed ratings are like, especially through NBC’s own streaming service, Peacock.

The show sits in eighth place in the demo out of all 19 scripted TV shows. It’s in 11th place in the total audience, so sits close enough to the middle. It could help NBC make a positive decision about the future of the mystery series.

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What do you think about Manifest Season 3? What would you like to see on Manifest Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Manifest airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.