Is Modern Love Season 3 happening?

Modern Love brought eight more excellent episodes about love in the modern world. Will Modern Love Season 3 happen at Amazon?

There were some beautiful episodes in Modern Love Season 2. We got a chance to see Kit Harington as if he was in a rom-com, and then there was a beautiful story of second love with Tobias Menzies and Sophie Okonedo. There’s no doubt that we want more of these stories.

It’s not like the show will run out of ideas, either. These are stories based on the New York Times column of the same name, and there are plenty of stories to tell from that column.

So, will Amazon renew the series for another season? Could we see Modern Love Season 3?

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There’s a good chance Modern Love Season 3 will happen

We want to be optimistic here. We think there’s a good chance Modern Love Season 3 will happen.

This is just one of those shows that gets a lot of positive reviews for its subjects. It’s not your typical romance series. This isn’t just about boy meets girl and they fall in love. There are different types of love.

The first season already made it clear that this was something different. We had episodes that focused on mental illness, family love, and much more. This season had stories of second chance love, romantic moments, and figuring out sexuality.

With the positive reviews and the social media love, there’s a good chance that Amazon will give the show another season. We just have to hope the live viewership has been good enough to land another season. Everyone loves something involving love, right? Even those going through divorce can love love!

Amazon will likely make a decision by the end of this month based on how quickly the second season was picked up. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as a decision is made.

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What did you think of the second season? Would you like to see Modern Love Season 3 happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Modern Love is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. ($)