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Is Naomi cancelled? (Has the show been renewed for Season 2?)

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It’s not like The CW to suddenly cancel a lot of shows, but that’s what happened on Thursday, May 12. Is Naomi cancelled or renewed for the 2022–2023 season?

We’re very much used to seeing The CW renew the bulk of its lineup. However, May 2022 was very different. The network abruptly cancelled a bunch of shows.

Would Naomi be in the firing line? The Ava DuVernay series was just getting good as it hit its season finale. Will that season finale now be a series finale?

Is Naomi cancelled?

It’s bad news for fans of this series. The CW opted to cancel Naomi after just one season.

At first, the series performed well. It was the third most-watched new series on the network in the season, but those numbers dropped quickly. Over the course of its first season, it lost 40% of its audience. A small drop is expected from the pilot episode, but this was a huge amount of people leaving. It would be worrisome for the network that is being sold.

So, when looking at it from a business point of view, it’s not that surprising. It is highly disappointing, though.

It is not the only disappointing cancellation on the network. It joins the likes of Charmed, 4400, and Batwoman.

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What did you think of Naomi? Which show cancellation are you salty about? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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