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Is New Amsterdam renewed for Season 6?

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The New Amsterdam Season 5 finale aired on Tuesday, Jan. 17. It certainly felt like an ending. Is there going to be a sixth season?

All eyes are on our favorite medical dramas, and the first today is all about New Amsterdam. The Season 5 finale aired on Tuesday, and it certainly felt like a series finale. There were elements from the pilot episode brought back into the story, and we got to see why all five main doctors got into the field.

So, is that what it is? Was it the end, or will there be a sixth season to continue the story? After all, there were parts that felt a little rushed and disjointed.

New Amsterdam has ended with Season 5

The Season 5 finale was the series finale. It’s bad news for fans of the series, especially with how weird that finale felt.

Let’s just look at how Episode 12 saw Max and Elizabeth focus on having fun in their new relationship at the end. Then suddenly the start of Episode 13 saw Max make a decision to move to Switzerland for the sake of Luna. It almost felt like the show had been abruptly canceled and the writers had to figure out how to end things in one episode.

That wasn’t the case, though. NBC announced the series would end with the fifth season back in March 2022. That would have been enough time to ensure a well-planned ending. And it seemed like there was one with bringing Luna back at the end and with the storylines for each of the doctors. Even the big surgery felt great for a series finale. It was just the transition between the two episodes that felt off.

There are no plans to continue the story in any way. However, I do think if NBC wants to, a spin-off with Luna as the Medical Director will work.

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