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Is Nurses Season 2 happening?

Canada is stepping up its game on original content, with Nurses making its debut in 2020. Will there be more episodes? Will Nurses Season 2 happen?

The series premiered on Global TV in early 2020, but it took until the end of the year for it to reach U.S. shores. NBC acquired the medical drama to help with new programming during the pandemic.

The good news is that in Canada, Nurses Season 2 is definitely happening. Global TV renewed the show not long after its debut due to the good ratings. There is going to be a wait for the new episodes, though. The show was supposed to start filming back in March 2020 in Toronto but then the pandemic hit.

Filming has potentially started now. We could still see the new season sometime in 2021.

Will Nurses Season 2 happen at NBC?

While it’s happening in Canada, there’s no guarantee that the season will happen on NBC. The network is still to make a decision on the acquisition.

The good thing about acquisitions is that they cost less than producing own content. That means the low live ratings shouldn’t be a problem. However, Nurses Season 1 was the lowest-rated series on NBC, which could mean the network doesn’t want to risk another season.

Another downside is the backlash after the Season 1 finale that led to the episode being taken off streaming. It’s still available in Canada where it didn’t get the same type of backlash. This backlash could lead to NBC deciding the medical drama isn’t worth the risk.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any news about the season on both Global TV and NBC.

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