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Is Outlander Season 7 the last?

With the recent news of episode count changes to the upcoming seasons, there are some concerns that Outlander Season 7 is the last. Is that going to be the case?

Of course, we can’t say for certain. We’re not STARZ or the producers! However, there have been concerns about Outlander Season 7 being the last for a while.

The recent news has certainly got us looking out for signs. Logically, reducing the episode count for Season 6 and putting those four episodes into Season 7 makes a lot of sense due to the current pandemic restrictions. In my mind, that’s the biggest reason for these changes. It’s not that the production is getting ready to end the show but is thinking of ways to keep this current Droughtlander as short as possible.

Outlander Season 6 isn’t going to arrive until 2022. And that’s with just eight episodes. Had production gone for the fully-planned 12 episode season, we’d likely be looking at the summer of 2022 for the show to arrive. That’s a looooong wait! Sure, we’re used to Droughtlander, but more than two years is on the excessive side. (Not the show’s fault for the pandemic, but doesn’t change the fact.)

By the time it comes to filming Season 7, there’s a good chance that filming regimes will be back to normal. So, logically, switching the episode counts was best.

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Could Outlander Season 7 be the end of the series?

None of this stops us from being concerned about the end of the series. Diana Gabaldon keeps saying that the show will never catch up to the books in the way that Game of Thrones did, but the delays to Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone ($) suggest otherwise. That’s especially the case with the show pulling some book storylines forward to suit filming, cast, and TV-style storytelling needs.

So, it is possible that the show is looking for a way to bring the show to an end soon rather than run the risk of getting ahead of the books. With Gabaldon as a consultant, there’s a chance the showrunners can work with her to craft a suitable ending based on where the show gets to with Season 7.

I doubt it will be a STARZ decision to end the series. STARZ routinely shares how big Outlander is for its network, so it’s not exactly going to get rid of the show when there’s more story to tell. The question is whether there will be more story to tell in a way that works for TV.

This is something we’re not going to know until much closer to the time. Let’s get through Season 6 first and then start worrying about whether Season 7 will be the last or not.

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What do you hope is included in Outlander Season 7? What do you hope to see on Outlander Season 6? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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