Is Shadow and Bone Season 2 happening?

With the way Shadow and Bone Season 1 ended, there’s no way that we can be left like that forever. Will Shadow and Bone Season 2 happen?

We shall start with the mixed news first. There are rumors that Shadow and Bone Season 2 is happening. These rumors come from a trusted source in the form of What’s On Netflix, but Netflix has not yet confirmed the rumors. It’s not denied them either, but there’s no official confirmation for the season.

It’s rough. Considering how long we’ve waited for this series, we want to see more from this talented cast and crew. We need to see the next part of the story.

Hey, you made a Mal stan out of us after not really caring for him in the books ($). We need more of that, if you will Netflix!

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Will Shadow and Bone Season 2 happen at Netflix?

Is there a chance Netflix will renew the series? This is where there is a bit of hope.

It’s likely that Shadow and Bone Season 2 will happen. Not only was this one of the most highly anticipated shows, but it also has excellent reviews from both fans of the original books and those who haven’t read the books yet. If a series can get love from both sides, it’s a good one and one worth keeping around.

We’ll probably have to wait a few weeks to hear about the official future of the series. Netflix tends to wait a month or so before confirming renewals. Sometimes, it takes two months. This is one of those cases where we’re hoping Netflix is nice to us.

Bridgerton didn’t get renewed right away despite the hype and support. However, shortly after the first season dropped, it did get a second season and then Netflix followed on with two more seasons. There’s hope that the same could happen with this fantasy series.

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Shadow and Bone is now available to stream on Netflix.