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Is Silo on Apple TV+ based on a book?

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Throughout the spring and early summer, you likely enjoyed Silo on Apple TV+. Now you want to know if this is based on a book.

Silo has been one of the shows to check out this year. Rebecca Ferguson stars as Jules, an engineer who works in the titular silo. This place is a place to live as well as work.

You see, it turns out that something has devastated the planet. The air is toxic, and the planet isn’t habitable anymore. Bunkers underground were built to keep humankind going, and now thousands of people live and work in these places.

There are some strict rules in place to protect everyone. Some of those rules include who can and cannot go outside. What happens when people do go outside? Is the outside world everything people are told?

Silo source material by Hugh Howey

If you felt like you’d heard the story somewhere else, that’s because you may have done. It turns out that this Apple TV+ series is another one based on a book. It’s based on the novel Wool by Hugh Howey.

Wool was actually a self-published short story with four other novellas to continue the story. It was then put together in one book, and there were two other books to follow. The trilogy was published by Simon and Schuster after the Apple TV+ series was picked up. It just goes to show that self-published authors can end up with deals.

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What did you think of the Apple TV+ series? Are you head to Amazon to get a copy of the books? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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