Is Squid Game Season 2 happening at Netflix?

You’ve likely heard a lot about Squid Game on Netflix. It is one of the most popular shows on the streamer. Will Squid Game Season 2 happen?

If you didn’t start binge-watching it as soon as it dropped, you’ve likely started now. After all, everyone is talking about this Korean series. It’s a great mixture of Battle Royale and The Purge. Even though you know characters had to die, it was hard not to connect to some of them.

With the way things ended, there’s no doubt there is more story to come. Seong Gi-hun has decided it’s time to take on those behind the horrific games. Will he be able to succeed?

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Is Squid Game Season 2 going to happen at Netflix?

As of right now, Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Squid Game Season 2. This is probably just a technicality as the streamer looks to see how the series performs. After all, the shows tend to be renewed one or two months after their releases.

We’re expecting a second season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show is going to be the most-watch Netflix series in any language. It would be ridiculous for Netflix not to renew it, right?

There are certainly talks happening. It’s not like there aren’t potential storylines. Now we’re just waiting for confirmation. It’ll come. We’re sure of it!

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What did you think of Squid Game? Would you like to see Squid Game Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Squid Game is streaming on Netflix.